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Did you know that 2/3 vehicles sold have air conditioning or climate control feature? 


Do you use your Air Conditioning all year round? 

Many people use the air conditioning in their vehicle during the summer, but did you know by using it throughout the winter too it conditions the air, clears the windows, it also expels bacteria, pollen and pollutants. Even more so in colder climates by using the air conditioning it maintains/prevents items such as the seals, O’ rings along with the compressor and condensers from drying out, leaking, getting tight or possible failure/seizure, resulting in costly repairs. 


By using the system all year round, it prevents 


The air conditioning system loses up to 10% of gas each year and in some cases when the AC drops to a certain level (determined by the vehicle and AC system) the air conditioning with stop working. To continue the vehicles air conditioning optimal performance the recommendation is to re-gas/recharge and service the system every 2 years, this will also eliminate any bad odours and bacteria. 


Air conditioning re-gas is more than just a can or a bottle!! 

Firstly, the temperature will be taken of the air conditioning system. The old refrigerant will be removed from the vehicle known as (the vehicle being vacuumed) vacuuming, the industrial standard takes 45 minutesAt this stage if required a leak check can be carried out, to confirm that it is safe to re-gas the system. The vehicle will then be re-gased – new refigerant, lubricants and tracking dye will be introduced (pumped) back into the system. A further temperature check will be performed to check the AC system. Although you can normally feel the temperature change, we at Swale MOT like to confirm it measurably. 

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