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Which Fuel Is Right For You?

7th August 2019

What fuel car should I buy?

Does the ban on cars with conventional combustion engines by 2040, confirmed in July 2017 and the new diesel car tax rates which came into force in April 2018  (which mean diesel cars are taxed more heavily),  mean that we should rule out buying diesel and petrol cars now


Benefits of Diesel cars.

Disadvantages of a Diesel car.


Benefits of a Petrol Car.

Disadvantages of a petrol car.

Benefits of a Hybrid Car.

The disadvantage of a Hybrid car.

Benefits of an Electric car.

The disadvantage of an Electric car.

Overall there are positives and negatives to all car types right now.  Moving forward as the infrastructure for hybrid and electric vehicles becomes more widespread and technology around express battery charging and range catch up, prices will eventually start coming down, making these vehicles more accessible for all.  There is also the chance that diesel cars would continue to make sense for some customers and that new diesel engines could be beneficial for the environment.


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