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Changing gear difficult? 

Car revving erratically. When accelerating?  

Car not moving properly when driven; doesn’t feel right. 

Clutch pedal feels higher than usual? 

These symptoms suggest that the clutch maybe on it’s ‘way out’ you need to get it checked before you may lose drive completely.   


Swale MOT will price the work before going ahead with repairs. Occasionally the vehicle may need to be partly stripped to fully see the fault before extensive repairs are carried out. You still have the option whether to go ahead or not. The price for stripping is usually deducted from the overall bill. It may be chargeable if the repairs do not go ahead. *No hidden costs/charges* 

We try and make sure that you are aware of the costs before any repairs are carried out, however sometimes depending on the part and vehicle items may become seized and unfortunately, additional costs and delays may occur. 



Do you hear things? 

Convinced that your vehicle doesn’t ‘normally’ sound like that; then you better get it checked regardless of how silly you may think it is- Better get noises checked out while they may be something small and simple with little costs instead of waiting until they are really bad sounds which could equate to big issues and more extensive repairs costing you more!! 

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