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Depending on the vehicle MOTs have to generally be carried out annually after being registered for 3 years this is so that they meet the minimum requirements and to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy. If you look after your vehicle and make sure that you do not ignore any obvious knocks/noises, advisories from previous years, along with regular servicing - then you should expect no surprises. 

Did you know that the MOT defect categories changed on 20th May 2018?  

It is no longer a Fail, Advisory and Pass. The defect categories have changed to Dangerous, Major, Minor, Advisory and Pass. If you are unsure what this means then please refer to the table below: 

MOT table

At Swale MOT Centre we carry out the following MOTs by Appointment 

If you are unsure when your MOT is due or what class it comes under then contact us today! 

You can also check out the MOT due date by using the form/link below - 



If your vehicle has not got a valid MOT, then this can invalidate your insurance, you could get up to 3 points on your driving licence and fines of up to £1,000 for using the public roads. 

If your vehicle fails an MOT we will supply you with an estimate for the repairs required. You are more than welcome to take your vehicle elsewhere for repairs, unfortunately, there would be a partial retest fee if we have to check over the items and confirm that the repairs meet the minimum requirement and are satisfied that the vehicle is fit to be on the road. 

Taking your vehicle away for repairs 

You can take your vehicle away if your MOT certificate is still valid. 

If your MOT has run out you can take your vehicle to: 

In both cases, your vehicle still needs to meet the minimum standards of?roadworthiness at all times?or you can be fined. 

Taking it back for a retest the next working day 

You will not have to pay again if you bring your vehicle back to the same test centre before the end of the next working day for a partial retest on one or more of these items: 

Taking it back for a retest within 10 working days 

You’ll only need a partial retest if you take the vehicle from the test centre for repairs and take it back within 10 working days. You will be charged a partial retest fee for this. 

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