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We Service Vehicles Of Any Age Or Size.

If your vehicle is not on a fixed servicing schedule, then we would recommend that you get your vehicle serviced annually. However, one year you may have a minor service and the following year have a full/major service. Most vehicles today will tell you when their service is due and we at Swale MOT have the resources to confirm depending on the age and mileage what your vehicle requires for servicing. 

If your car/van is leased or still in warranty, we can use genuine or OE specification filters/parts ensuring that your warranty is not affected. 

We aim to service your vehicle to the same or a higher standard as you would expect from main dealer, but for a fraction of the cost. 

Swale MOT: Service Centre


Owners of new vehicles may not be aware of recent Law changes. For years vehicle manufacturers have insisted that new vehicles return to main dealers for repair or routine. At Swale MOT Centre we carry out dealer services to the required standard?at a fraction of the cost! 

Our Repair Centre offers Full Workshop Facilities:? 

Fast Fit Repairs include: 


Waiting room available with FREE Tea and Coffee. 


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